Battle of Karbala


Battle of Karbala on the tenth of Muharram 61 AH war (20 Persian date Mehr 59 solar to 10 October 680 AD occurred. Day battle, also known as Ashura. The battle between the army outnumbered Hussein bin Ali (granddaughter of the Prophet) and Yazid ibn Muawiyah's expeditionary corps (second king of the Umayyad dynasty) near a place called Karbala (in Iraq) ensued. Yazid ibn Muawiyah reason for war, Hussein bin Ali did not swear allegiance to him. Hussein bin Ali (third Shia Imam) the governance Yazid ibn Muawiyah knew that, unlike the other legal and illegal peace treaty Hassan ibn Ali and Muawiyah was the son of Abu Sufyan to form the testator to Yazid.

Hussein bin Ali was the second day and third day of Muharram in Karbala Umar bin Sa'd, with 4,000 people encamped in Karbala. this will kill him if he lost Brnmyayd command to assign Shamar.

Tenth day of Muharram the armies of Husayn ibn Ali, Umar Sa'ad was the opposite.

Hussein bin Ali during the reign of his father, he accompanied the battles of Jamal and Siffin Nehru. Year 50 AH when the death of his brother Hasan ibn Ali, Muawiya as caliph remained for about 10 years. Based on well-peace deal, in accordance with the second paragraph Slhnamh Muawiyah should choose for his successor.

Muawiya and his son Yazid in the middle of Rajab of the year 60 AH, he chose to succeed him. Hussein bin Ali, the first he refused to pledge allegiance. Walid's son Yazid wrote to the governor of Medina wrote Tbh ruling and ordered him to Husayn ibn Ali, Abdullah son of Omar and Abdullah son of Zubayr's allegiance to Yazid and if they were not willing to take the oath of allegiance.

At this time the people of Kufa who stayed with the news of the death of Al Husayn ibn Ali received many letters they wrote and asked him to come to Iraq and Kufa. Muslim ibn Aqeel Hussein ibn Ali was also sent to Kufa. Kufa Muslim Bin Aqeel with the thousands of people followed. But with the arrival of Kufa appointed Ubaidullah son took too much from the government and people of Kufa Yazeed had threatened, just took for granted. [Citation needed] Obaidullah, Muslim ibn Aqeel arrested and killed. Hussein's family and his companions moved towards Kufa, near Kufa Kufa, the news catches people and bring certain death.

Hurr son of Yazid Riahi, who took over the control of Kufa Ubaidullah to Dstgyrkrdn Husayn ibn Ali and his companions, and then Umar ibn Sa'ad sent to 30,000 sent to Karbala. Ubaidullah ibn Umar Sa'ad Dadhbvd promise that if Husayn ibn Ali to kill him commander will go, but then it did not matter.

morning Barrier son Hussein Ashura first Khudhair from Zahedan to preach the celebrity division of Kufa sent Omar Saad, but they did not heed. Then they went on to the ultimatum. He told me two things have Mkhyr. I pledge allegiance to Yazid and accept or fight or humiliation, but humiliation is far from us. We'll fight with you. Then Omar Saad Corps War began. The attack on the camp by shooting Omar Saad Hussein bin Ali began. [16] Shamar also ordered his troops to attack their group and destroy Hussein's army. All Kufa Corps battalion participated in the attack. Hussein's companions tried to defend against this attack. [Citation needed]

And half of his companions (except the Bani Hashim) were killed in the first attack.

War and pitched continued until noon prayer. Saeed bin Abdullah bin Zahir Hussain prayer Qyn Hanafi ordered half of his companions kill queue to stand in prayer. In prayer, they shot down an enemy. Said shield his body. He was martyred.

The tenth day of Muharram, Hussein's army, which is 30 and 42 walks, horse riding were prepared. Left Guard to Habib bin symbols, right in the heart Qyn Zuhair ibn Abbas dismissed. He also ordered a round tent, collect firewood and firewood to burn. Khymhay already had prepared and went to his own fragrant musk and corrected her. Then while on horseback and the Quran was pretty plain with God and with the people of Kufa, but he also spoke and said that God will protect and religion. In the words of Muhammad that he had called heaven and a place for young people and Hassan server recalling his family and asked them to think about whether the killing of, there is something legitimate? The people of Kufa because previously he had been asked to come to it, blame and requested to allow her to go where the security of supply is one of the Islamic lands. But again he was told that first of all must be submitted to Yazid. Hussain replied that he did not give up as a slave. there were, of course, that the impact on them and eventually move was killed in battle. Hussein to become followers until all his followers were killed, and Nmyjngyd not war.

Zuhair bin Qyn Kufa people wanted to listen to talk Hussein and kill him. But they responded with insults and threats against her and they start shooting. The war began. Kufa right wing army commanded by Amr ibn Hajjaj attacked the army Hussein met with resistance and retreated. Amr ordered the army to fight pitched tone Drndadh not only the act of shooting. Right-wing parties Corps Kufa, led by Shamar Ben Aljvshn attack was inconclusive and Mhasrhay riders Corps commander, Ibn Sa'd wanted to send infantry and archers to help him. Shbs Rabi ibn Ali was formerly a supporter, Kufa and subordinates in the Army infantry was ibn Ziyad. When he was given the order to attack, obviously said no desire to do so and 500 cavalry and archers have done this Asbanshan riders legs had been amputated Hussein's army were forced to fight on foot. Hossein Hashemian could only forward facing, and Ibn Sa'd ordered the army from all directions to go to their tents Hussein to disarm. But some supporters of Hussein, who were sleeping in tents with them and fought stubbornly resisted. Ibn Sa'd ordered the fire to their tents. Hussein has ordered the tents around the fire to prevent the entry of the troops' Umar ibn Sa'd. prevent facing ibn Ziyad led troops

In the afternoon, Hussein and his followers to pray the noon prayer brought terror to space. Afternoon, troops Hussein, were under siege. Hussein before him and killing soldiers killed Hashemian who had to leave the way open battlefield was also started. Ali Akbar Hashemi, who was killed was the son Hussein. Then the sons of Muslim ibn Aqeel, the sons of Abdullah bin Jafar, Aqeel boys and Qasim ibn Hasan killed. Qasim was young and beautiful and seriously injured and his uncle, Hussein's request for help. Brjst angry and slams his sword Hussein Kassem assailant. The man was trampled under the hooves of horses fallen troops ibn Ziyad. When the dust from the hooves of the horses left, Qasim Hussain emerged as the body in his arms and sent to Qatlynsh curse. Hussein Qasim's lifeless body Khymhhaysh and placed alongside other victims.

Hussein ibn Ziyad's army at the time were very close, but no one dared to reach out Hussein. As you Hussain Malik bin Nsyr Kennedy slams his head and Klahkhvdsh of his blood was taken. Hussein replaced his hat on his head with a turban and closed. Kennedy was a man torn hat was stolen. But these benefits are not felt. Why then was consistently poor and lived in poverty. The other tragic moments, killing a child that Hussein had put him on his knees. The Jacobite, this child was born. Thierry child's neck and ripped Hussein child's blood on the floor and raise his hands to the sky collapsed and the people who follow Satan called God's wrath

Shamar Hussein went into the army, but did not dare to attack and he was only a verbal clash between the two forms. Hussein was ready to fight. It should be noted that Hussein was then 55 years old and not older Due to the ongoing fight. According to many traditions, Abdullah bin Hassan bin Ali (nephew of Hussein), and whatever your path Hussein Hussein and Zaynab returned to the tent, he would say that, would not listen. Abdullah's hand was cut by a sword, and Hussein eventually bump into heaven, He promised that his nephew was trying to ease the pain. Friends of Hussein, there were 3 or 4 tonnes of Hussein ibn Ziyad Brigades attacked. Hussein because he feared that after his death, left naked in the desert, some clothes he was wearing. But after his death all the loot clothes and naked body was left in the desert of Karbala.

Ibn Sa'd appeared and Zainab said Hussein is dead, and you just watch. Ibn Sa'd poured tears upon hearing these words. Hussein fought bravely and James and several other Shia sources say that dozens of people Ksht.hsyn When I went to the Euphrates water Byard, a bullet hit his chin or throat. [19] Finally Hussein, the head and arm and hurt He fell face. Hussein ibn Yazid Khvly Asbhy were ordered to head separated from his body, but he was shaken and could not do it. Therefore, Sinan bin Anas .N Amr Hussein after he slams into her, his head separated from his body. Sinan Hussein's head to ibn Ziyad Khvly and Khvly before the board.

The battle ended and the soldiers had looted ibn Ziyad's. Clothing Hussein, sword and his luggage, shoes and coat her Yamani were all looted. Jewelry and veils for women were also looted. Zine El Abidine Ben Ali Hussein who was a patient in one of the tents, and Shamar wanted to kill him. Ibn Saad was arrested but did not allow anyone to enter his tent.

Umar ibn Saad Husayn ibn Ali and his companions ordered to surround the water close to them. Finally, Husayn ibn Ali on the Day of Ashura, 10th of Muharram in Karbala were killed and 61 family tents and followers Kshydnd.sps into fire after the death of Husayn ibn Ali, the head of the Fellowship of AA and move them apart from the removed

Then the order of Yazid, all heads were hung up to 3 days on the gates of the Umayyad Mosque. Ali's son Hussein, after forty days (fortieth day) caught Yazid agreed and joined the heads to the bodies of those killed in the head Husayn and Karbala, and incorporated it into their bodies.

Yet few heads buried in Babalsghyr, which include

1.      A. Al-Abbas Head

2.      The Ali Akbar Head

3.      The Habib Ben manifestations Head

Guards in front of him with the Umar bin Sa'd was 30,000. The war broke out and killed Husayn and his followers.

Tents were looted and eventually burned, caravan camels camel driver named Hussein bin Ali bin Salim Bjdl to obtain the ring Hussein bin Ali, cut off his finger to get the ring and the dead bodies of the army of Omar ibn Sa'ad in Karbala in the desert three days after the bodies were buried by the people Bnyasd.

After the incident of Karbala of Hussein ibn Ali's army of women and dependent children, taken prisoners and sent them to dinner the reign of Yazid ibn Muawiyah. Muslims killed in the Battle of Karbala martyr treated. After the battle of Husayn ibn Ali, known as the title of Imam Husain (Server and Mr. All Martyrs) respectively.

Each year, Shiites and Sunnis in the first 10 days of Muharram mourning ceremonies held each year to remember the event. By the tenth day of mourning (Ashura) reaches its climax.

Although the military aspects of the battle was not great, but ideological and political work has been great. A major landmark in the battle of Karbala and Shia traditions, customs and history of this religion is. The conflict every year and to hold the monuments and mourning alternation of narrative and story. The event of an adverse political Mshrvt undermine the Umayyad times. So that after numerous uprisings against the government occurred in slogan avenge Hussein and eventually led to its collapse. The significant role of social identity and beliefs of the Shia during the next centuries has been.









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