Research on how and why Muslims in Iran and the rapid spread of Islam in this country in the early centuries AD, including issues that are still of interest. Aware of the political and religious situation in Iran on the verge of Muslims, spirits and doctrines of LI in the army and, more importantly, the charm and appeal of Islam, the religion of Zoroastrianism Thryfshdh us in understanding the causes of apostasy old (Zoroastrian) and conversion to Islam, the Iranians will lead. This paper presents a theoretical approach and to investigate the cause of Islam in Iran has developed.
Keywords: Islam, Iran, Zoroastrianism, the Sassanids.

Testament prophet of Islam? Were spread across Jzyrhalrb. With the inclusion of Islam in the region and the acceptance by the Arabs, Muslims seek to disseminate the principles of their faith in the world and sought to expand Muslim territory. However, the practice of the Prophet himself? By sending advertising groups around the world had begun.
Dinner, which was the closest country to Jzyrhalrb, more than the rest of the Muslims were in the spotlight. Muslims could, in less than twenty years, a large part of Iran under the Islamic rule in turn. What is important in this regard, welcome, welcoming Iranian Islam. When Islam came to Iran, many Iranians were Muslims and so far remained loyal to the sacred religion of Islam is the official religion of Iran today.

Here are some questions that come to mind, such as how to Iran, and it fell to the Muslims? Since Zoroastrianism religion as Islam is the religion of monotheism, because the Iranians to back up their ancient ritual?
In this article, we have tried using historical sources and new studies to answer the question to the audience with a very important part of the history of this country dear children.

Yemeni government to invite the Prophet? Bazanbnsasan in Iran. Badhan from the reign of Khosrow Parviz Yemen. When the Holy Prophet? In the sixth year of Hijra Khosrow Parviz invited to Islam, he was upset and a break from the hard and the Badhan (operating in Yemen) wrote a letter to the author, he teams. Badhan the two messages sent to Medina, the Prophet Khosrow Parviz?

Them. But when the representatives of the city of Medina, the Prophet? Murdered by unseen power Kavadh II Khosrow Parviz and his son Iranian representatives and told them to capture Muslim country, you will soon. You will return to Yemen and to tell Badhan adopt Islam. When it became clear Badhan health issue, he was a Muslim and then a group of Iranians as "beings Ahrar" (released) said, was a Muslim. These are, first of Iranians who enter the sacred religion of Islam.


Confrontation between Muslims and Persians
The first major clash between the Iranians and Muslims, in the year 12 AH (633 AD.) Occurred; Msnybnharsh Sheibani and Svydbnqtbh this case, both the original tribe were flocking to the borders of Iran and returned to winning trophies. Msnybnharsh after the incident came to Abu Bakr and the weakness of the favorable situation of Muslims in the country reports. Abu Bakr Khaldbnvlyd the army started off with Iran. The Prologue of the Muslim conquest of Persia, an event that has already occurred in Zvqar and Arabs residing in border were able to defeat the Sassanid army dispatched.


The strong attacks Muslims conquered Sassanid imperial frontiers Idiot (near Basra) Khaldbnvlyd began to command. Khalid attacked in this region, at war with Hormozan (border region), brought the first victory for the Muslims. After the conquest of smallpox, Muslim Arabs captured a large number of people, but farmers preferred country and the first peace treaty of peace with the Muslim Iranian peasants.


Khalid after capturing villages in the area, went to Hira (south of Kufa) were captured there. With the conquest of Hira, the key fell to Muslims conquered Mesopotamia. Hira city of the Sassanid Empire, which was the first place where the words of tribute or ransom (190 million dirhams) was sent to the court of the Caliph. Conquest of Hira, he was considered a great victory for the Muslims, so they are eager to find land were literate.


Sassanian rulers until the time leading up to Hira Muslims to attack the first instance to acquire booty considered predatory, open Psgyry Hira force led by Bahman Jadhuyih frequency emissions which result in the defeat of the Muslim army battle pontoon (13 AH) and killed Planning was commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Abvbydh. In this battle, the Muslims, despite their valor and courage to spend, because the giant elephant in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, were scattered and defeated.


Iranian victory in the Battle of the bridge, Hira the Muslims came out, but that was long ago conquered by Muslims in the battle Bvyb the Iranian army and dissidents were seized about Hira. With the re-conquest of Hira, the Sassanid Empire shaken by this time the Muslims did not consider it a serious threat, and was extremely fearful of the great army under the command of Rostam Farrokhzad arrangement was against Muslims. However, this large and powerful army, the Victory (West Kufa) against Muslim armies were defeated and suffered huge booty fell to Muslims, among them, the flag was Kavian

Muslim victory at the Battle of Victory (year 14 AH.), In addition to the fall of the Sassanid Empire The Untouchables apparently capitals, cities and border regions of the Muslim army captured one after another in a short time to revenue. Muslims, following the Iranian army to Madain were killed and their siege of the area in a long time. Yazdgerd third attempt, the last Sassanid king, to no avail. People, the situation is difficult and chaotic Bhtng siege came to a compromise with the LI tons. As a result, the Sasanian winter capital of Ctesiphon fell and the event, voice of extinction throughout the Sassanid Empire was Tnynandaz.

Victory after victory of Islamic forces, the Sassanids in Jalula fronts (the current village near Baghdad) and Skinheads showed resistance, but the resistance of the aristocracy and the upper part of the Sassanid was actually fighting for their own interests, not the survival of the property . Jalula victory of the Muslims, and Muslims all around the Tigris under Sytrh Army of Islam was established in the interior of steps.


The Arabs conquered the territory of the region, "Svqalahvaz" was. Hormuz, a border province, after the stimulation yazdgerd, Muslims and win the peace treaty (peasant Ahvaz) is violated, fought with them, but failed and the Persians were forced under the earlier one, again with the Muslim commander Abu Musa Ash'ari peace them. Muslims in the region of Khuzestan lowlands Yazdgerd thought would be acceptable, but the advance of the Arabs, with a message from his commanders asked him for the final battle to help. Great commanders of Iran, and from every corner of Iran responded to the invitation of the king, the army gathered near Hamadan (Skinheads) encamped.


Skinheads, the last major battle between the army and Islamic Iran and Iranians last regular resistance against Muslims (in the narrative of the late 19th and 20 AH). Iranians, were brought together to deal with the extra power, the Moslem army suffered a terrible defeat. Muslims' victory over the Persians at the Battle "Fthalftvh» read because after the victory, and the center of the Sassanid Empire Shaklh completely wrong; the remains of Iranian political and military power was shattered and coherent corps for resistance against Muslims remains consistent.

According to historians, outstanding strength and considerable Muslim conquests appeared no other path, people, towns or the conquerors did not resist or with little resistance, surrendered and were empowered to pay tribute and between Islam. Consequently, another battle between the regular army and the Sassanid army of Muslims occurred.

Skinheads and Hamadan conquered by the Muslims (21 AH), a condition suitable for capturing all the different parts of Iran and the Islamic Revolutionary Guards was captured one after another, so that by the year 31 AH, Muslims coast of Amu Darya (the eastern most boundary Iran) went. Advancing forces of Islam in the central region, and the speed was considerably less than a decade, all except Tabarestan Iran, crowbars and some border areas was dominated by political Islam. In some cities, such as Iran and Azerbaijan, which has long had Sassanid religious centers of resistance against the Muslims. But peace has opened many cities through contracts.

After this step, turn, push back the remains of the Sassanids, and the last king of the Sassanid Dstnkhvrdh Skinheads to Merv and control of power by some Muslims. Muslim conquest of the East region with substantial resistance from local staff, especially the peasants did not get, but they also benefited from the cooperation and assistance. Third, after the fall of Ctesiphon Yazdgerd with displaced relatives had been elusive, until the last days of his life trying to repossess the throne. In his ten years of wandering, the Muslim army with a sometimes made, but none of these attempts have failed.


To withdraw the third Yazdgerd east, Muslims pursued him into the largest and most state-eastern Iran, Khorasan and the cities they conquered, one after the other. Yazdgerd at this time was fleeing from city to city and from the imperial title was over, finally, in the year 31 AH (651 AD) due to the treachery of the ruling city of Merv, in one of the villages in the so humiliated and killed by Milling his death ended the Sassanids political entity.

Cause of Iranians to Islam
Islamic conquest of Iran in the region, but the reality is that the Muslim conquerors, the religion (Islam) did not impose on Iran, but Iran liberal minded people themselves accepted Islam. Examine the provisions of the conventions, peace, and community leaders of the Muslim conquerors, indicating the absence of coercion and force policy at the invitation of the United Nations failed to attract the acceptance of Islam by the Muslim Arabs. Hence, although the Muslim conquest was achieved by the war, but the war did not spread Islam by force. When I became familiar with the principles of the Iranian Islamic valuable to their ancient religion (Zoroastrianism), no longer needs them, back and arms on the teachings of the prophet? Opened

Disorder, social, political, religious and community sassanids
The study of historical sources, implies that coincided with the rise of Islam, society Sasanian situation was very disorganized and subject to a profound transformation and provide all the essential. All sectors of society had undergone a major crisis. The political crisis which was the source of the power structure of the system, and the result reflects the poor performance of kings, especially after the age of Khosrow Parviz. Zoroastrianism priests wonderful influence of the aristocrats and the royal throne of kings to emphasize the need to support them, the political structure of the Sassanids had faltered.

Tbahknndh wars and its ill-effects on the economy, a lot of pressure on the lower classes would be unduly social and political discrimination class system was the result of corruption, poverty and distress added people and people from the area of Sassanid dynasty saw all this disaster on the basis of religion Zoroastrianism was founded. In fact, the dictatorship of the community, the nation and the government dried roots of convergence and the rule of caste system, the social and political advantages in specific cortical monopoly was placed, Space was created so tragic that most people of faith and accepting it saw the release of his paragraphs. But the thing that most Iranians moved to accept Islam, the religious breakdown. Religious communities have the Sasanian era was so repressive that even the Sasanian period referred to as a major cause of turmoil. Undoubtedly, this factor (the religious turmoil and decline of religion Zoroastrianism) factors and their tendency to churn Iranian Zoroastrianism religion is Islam.


State of dogmatic religion and the political and social structure was made entirely in the service of religion is politics. The corrupt priests, kings Stmpyshh action, class system and the shortcomings of the Sassanid era was justified, while the situation of mass society beset, diffraction and dispersion of Mvbdn had reached its highest level, the persecution of priests they are strict followers of other religions, causing a bad attitude toward religion was Zoroastrianism, because this way the attitude, the look and Tsamhamyz tolerance before it was in force, was incompatible Zoroastrianism priests to achieve their sinister business affairs of the religion of simplicity and Byalayshy the first exit, so it was made with the complexities of most of the people had been perform their religious rites unable. Thus, despotism, expansion, profits, Jahprsty Zoroastrianism priests and their reliance on appearances and rituals, the religion was brought to the stage of complete distortion. The rigidities, threats and heavy financial Thmylhay priests topics Mystandnd people, the mass of the people are suffering and unhappy and converted to Zoroastrianism, the other not see the oneness and equality, was pessimistic.

In such a situation, the weak foundation of the destruction of the Sassanid state inputs, and multiple crises, political, social, economic and religious, especially the population of Iran was surrounded, passionate Muslim fighters on the ground and by the Shariah of Muhammad saving? (Islam), the Iranians were presented. . It's the Iranians have embraced Islam and Muslims agreed with heart.


Points of Islam
Islam elaborated. The group, with emphasis on factors that effects the value and appeal of Islam ignored.



It is certain that Islam spread widely and Hmhjanbh disabled Ansansaz belief in the legitimacy of the law. Life-saving school of Islam, a set of rules and regulations to implement the sky that people saw their happiness. Public, the truth of Islam, and then accepted it. Martyr Morteza Motahari professor writes: "The truth is that the Shia Muslim Iranians themselves because one thing is Iranian Islam saw his soul with his Vgmgshth found in Islam."
In the following, some of the components and attractive features that Iranian Islam led to the adoption and acceptance of these regulations, we are referring.

Emphasis on peaceful approach based on justice and benevolence with the followers of all religions divine and human society, the most important issues in Islam is very brilliant angular interlacing ribbed. Justice and egalitarianism of Islam, had an important role in the absorption of Iranians to Islam. Ostad Motahari in this field writes: "More than anything else what the thirsty soul of Iranians took to Islam, Islamic justice and equality."


Islam, no discrimination on the basis of class and professionalism among the people will not accept the theory of human brotherhood, a precursor to the extent it exceeds the scope of political and geographic boundaries; hence, the universality of Islam, human exploitation and violation of partly determined by God to human beings, thus, indecent and obscene. Accordingly, the caste system (class) of old, finds no place in Islam because according to Islamic principles, all peoples and nations are equal before God and the dignity of the individual and not on the basis of ethnic background, language and culture, but also by virtue honesty and self-determined and evaluated.

Introducing the promises of justice and brotherhood of Islam and was raised in the talks with Muslim ambassadors, hearts of Iranians to Islam flexible manufacturing. For this reason, Lambton, speed and relative ease Arabs conquered most likely, due to the fact that the public knows that Islam promised that they will get rid of that situation dismal social and exhausting.


It is natural that people Rnjkshydh and confined in cages class system, to be interested in the lessons. Freedom from corruption, prejudice, discrimination and injustices of the class system of the lower segments of society, even among the upper classes of animals were regarded as inferior hereby promises made will be saved. Thus, the principle of equality, and equality of Islam, marginalized groups and Rnjkshydh fascinated and Fvjfvj them to the divine religion itself.


Simply Byalayshy
The other features of Islamic ideology that attracts masses of Islam was the simplicity of its provisions. Rigidity and Qshryngry Zoroastrianism religion, customs and rituals associated with dry and exhaustive painful and futile religious orders and regulations of the rich, the reasons for the tendency of Iranians to Islam was considered.

Principles of Islam, a simple and understandable to everyone deserves, especially the lower classes of society and of the ritual worship of God, such as Mazda and Ahriman and the other gods and new religions such as Manichaeism complex philosophy was more tangible for people. Thus, the doctrine of monotheism that made all the confusion out of the valley, was considered an important factor in the spread of Islam.
Islam weariness and Sntprsty flawed ideas, and insisted on honoring the spiritual affairs, modern and effective foundation for democracy against Iranian K·hnhprsty Sntprsty and released. Islam, simply replace complexity, multiplicity of the Divine Unity and Trinity substitutes, human, humanity, human divinity successor, the successor of Hqyqttlby and superstition, and religious beliefs, simple and secure alternative to religious disputes and controversies.

Religious freedom and free Muslims, the most important aspect of Islam was welcomed by Iranians. There is ample evidence that Islam and Muslims to respect freedom of religion and belief and their opposition to the imposition of religion upon others will tell. Muslims based on the idea of "compulsion fi al-growing stature me explain Alghy" (Baqara: 256), none of the unpleasant and forced to accept Islam did not, but they know this is ugly.

Muslim conquest in areas where they had the opportunity to unbelievers to accept Islam. Based on the principles of Islam, other religions could pay a certain amount of annual tax as a tribute, to remain in their former religion. This group of "dhimmitude" were called, were allowed to commit, with complete freedom and security in the territory of Muslims to perform their own religious rituals. In addition, all the temples and religious sites of respected Muslim community there. Zmyan, not only of the freedoms enjoyed, rather than kindness, ambition and humanitarian benefit Muslims dead. Against the liberties and privileges, they must observe certain principles were

Social and economic advantages.
For the promotion and dissemination of Islam, Muslims, and no effort was spared. Therefore, many concessions were granted to the religion facto parties. Accept Islam, converted to Islam in addition to the benefit of certain social advantages (such as the freedom to marry Muslim women, the freedom to carry a gun and wearing a pop), also exempt from paying tribute made.

It is probable that the economic benefits and social measures that farmers urged the adoption of a new religion without significant resistance, the LI will acknowledge and accept the new regulations, show greater readiness. Artisans, craft, farmers and lower-middle classes of society in general, more than all the pressure, the more willingly accepted Islam.

Teachers and Mstvfyan the group to maintain its position in the country's affairs, and went immediately to the Muslim victors adopted the Muslim religion. Later, traders and merchants who made a way consistent with their new status. With the development of the Muslim conquests, Islamic territory was very large, while the traditions of the craft and business of civil and commercial privileges Islam sorry, whereas Zoroastrianism jurisprudence had put them.

The above article is necessary to demonstrate the love of Iranians to Islam truly is, the acceptance of Islam in Iran until the end of caliphates (40 AD.) Was impressive, but then with the creation of the Omayyad caliphs, this process is slow incline. another liberal attitudes of the soul could accept such a government and religion occupy distorted.

Political and administrative affairs, and the commanders of the army of improper Umayyad Caliphate (with emphasis on Qvmmhvry not Aslammhvry), which has led to the increasing tendency of Iranians to Islam conquered Khorasan persisted, with the lethargy and inertia. For this reason, the Umayyad Caliphate era where such Transoxiana who were captured by Islam, has long been committed to their old beliefs and traditions and Islamic religion came so late.

Jzyrhalrb emerged in Islam, but there are not confined to life-saving and teaching it in a short time a large part of the world, including the Iranian casts light. Iranian society from the inside, especially in the area of religious and cultural degenerated had been expected to draw the basis of its religious, superstitious beliefs themselves from the bondage of religion, Zoroastrianism Thryfshdh and social and economic oppression nobles and priests save Sassanids. With the advent of Islam, this is expected to excel;

Ansansaz lessons, new ideas, and other life-saving beauty school of Islam, especially Msavatjvyy and justice, the desire of Iranians to Islam Tshnh social justice were making twice. be.





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